We are telecom operator for

demanding clients.


Telkonekt guarantees wide range of services connected with Internet access. Very short ping times make us a prominent provider on the market. As a standard we offer symmetric services with both static and dynamic (including BGP protocol) routing. Our net security is guaranteed by Anty DDoS protection system which effectively eliminates hacking attacks, due to special filtering tools on the contact points with our cooperating operators. Internet traffic exchange with a few providers guarantees providing the services to the clients even in case of a breakdown of one of them. An extra advantage of such a solution is the neutral routing 4 allowing the package to select the shortest way to the address with interests us. Telkonekt is LIR i.e. Local Internet Registry thanks to which, apart from Internet access services, it assists its clients in gaining their own AS (Autonomous System) necessary to activate BGP service as well as granting and distributing IPv4 and IPv6. For the clients of Telkonekt communication with RNCC makes no problem.




Speed flexibility

It’s not the client that has to adapt to the service parameters and operator’s demands. It’s Telkonekt that adopts to service parameters and client’s expectations.

Permanent net and service monitoring


In order to assure the adequate service level and reliability of net Telkonekt monitors the net 24/7/365. It allows to avoid breakdowns as well as minimalize the reaction time.

Verified technical solutions


Net stability and service quality is achieved by Telkonekt by applying widely verified technical solutions as well as the equipment of recognized manufactures.

Guaranteed reliability


Telkonekt assures high quality and reliability of services provided as well as the shortest possible reaction times. All in compliance with the operator standards and signed SLA contracts.

24h client backup


Telkonekt assures 24 h technical backup for the clients. Regardless time the client may report the problem or gain the required technical information.

Static routing and BGP


Telkonekt activates client services using static routing and IPv4 as well as using BGP protocol and dynamic routing.